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 EDTA is a remarkable arterial cleansing product with the ability to effectively remove the plaque, cholesterol and heavy metals which congest, restrict, and impede blood flow and oxygen throughout the 75,000 miles of blood vessels within the body.


Our product consists of Calcium Disodium EDTA, a weak synthetic amino acid which has been used for many years as a chelating agent to greatly improve blood flow and relieve symptoms of cardiovascular disease.


Take Multiple minerals and Vit B6 while using this product. Pregnant or lactating women and people with kidney disease are normally not considered candidates for EDTA chelation and should consult with their healthcare practitioner before considering doing so.

EDTA 100 grams

SKU: 41822252102
  • This is a 100 gram bag supplied with a serving spoon of 1/4 teaspoon. The Combo includes a 30ml bottle of Oceans Alive Minerals.

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