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My wife and I have taken the Organic Sulphur for more than 5 years. I played Professional Sports and had a lot of inflammation in my knees and hips so bad that walking on the beach was almost impossible. An ATP trainer recommended this product to me and the results have been amazing. I noticed the improvement immediately and have been back without any pain after about 6 months doing the recommended dosage. Not only did it get rid of all inflammation it also improved our skin, fingernails and hair and overall well being. I have the highest regard for this product and would recommend it to anyone. Marianne, I also want to complement you on the way you conduct your business and how prompt and reliable you ship out your products, excellent service. We will use the Organic Sulphur for the rest of our lives. No more Ibuprofen pills, other painkillers, and Meds for us. Best Wishes and a Big Thank You

July 6th 2023


Fort Lauderdale, FL

Approximately three years ago, age 48, my skin began acting REALLY strangely, starting with odd red breakouts on the neck and chest which moved to my face.  I was diagnosed with sebaceous hyperplasia, rosacea, folliculitis, plain old acne, on and on.  Tried literally thousands of dollars’ worth of prescription topicals, antibiotics, cosmeceuticals, on and on, to no avail.  My heart was broken, and I did not relish going in public.   


After putting this multitude of chemicals on and in my body and getting no better, sometimes worse, I began using MSM flakes internally and Derma Gold.  Later added Sunburn Never Again and Multi Blend. During this period, I stopped all prescription topicals and antibiotics, stopped seeing dermatologists and aestheticians. I use the Sunburn Never Again by liberally spritzing on the face, neck and chest and the other probiotics both topically and internally.  My skin is smooth again, the constant redness has faded, and I no longer dread going out!! Scars and wrinkles have also faded noticeably. I truly believe that whatever my skin was host to, it is no more!  I thank God every day for sending me to these chemical free solutions.


P.S. My husband now has what was diagnosed as eczema and rosacea under control after he began using Derma Gold.  He had a spot on his face that was burned after using beard colorant that constantly irritated him, he tells me it no longer hurts, and it is much less red :)

April, 2020


K. M.

Jacksonville, FL 


I started using the sulfur crystals about 3 1/2 years ago and my HDL (good cholesterol) started rising from a beginning of 34. Every 3 moths I saw gradual improvement, to 47, to 52 and after a year to 59. My doctor took note and I told him the only change was the addition of the sulfur crystals. No change in diet or lifestyle. He scoffed (probably because he didn't prescribe it). it leveled off at about 56-57; not bad. We discussed the crystals often and I finally agreed to stop using them for 9 months. My HDL went back down to 39. Point made. Going back on the crystals. I had noticed also after stopping the use of the sulfur crystals that my golf game which had previously gotten better after my initial start of use had fallen off. I just didn't feel as strong. So we will see if that improves again.
July 2018
Fort Walton Beach, FL

For the past 20 years I have suffered with dry itchy scaly skin. No amount of moisturizing seemed to help. As the years went by, I learned that I had a skin condition called DSAP....(short for 4 very long words) there is no cure. It leaves your skin with dry itchy patches.   After talking to a friend he recommended REVITALIZED DRIVE to help with the elasticity and to hydrate.  Of course I was anxious to try it.
After using it for just a few days, I began to see a difference in the texture of my skin. It actually felt softer and as I put a normal persons skin. I continued to take it and continued to notice a change in my skin and a softness to the dry patchy spots caused by the DSAP. I have been taking it for one month now and I truly feel and see a difference. My facial lines and the crepe skin that we seem to get as we get older in our upper arms seem to be lessened as well. I will continue to take it and look forward to what the long term effects can bring.  Thank you for recommending this product to me.  I highly recommend it. 
June 2017
B.P. Fort Lauderdale, FL

I was new to this product and I just love Revitalized Drive MSM a natural sulfur. After reading up on the benefits 
and knowing that big AG companies are killing our soil and food supply of nutrients I thought I would give it a try.
Yes is was bitter tasting at first but I noticed the longer I used it the milder it became. I believe my tastebuds 
adjusted. I do not usually consume bitter foods. Well guess what! it's the bitter foods that are packed full of nutrients.

Do yourself a favor and take charge of your own health by researching and trying new things. Works for me!
Over all I feel much better on this stuff and missed it when I ran out. I will continue to use it in my healthy living regime. 
I put it in my cats water just to keep them healthier too. This is an honest review, I was not paid to give one.
June 2016
A.B. of California


These organic sulfur crystals are very effective  - -  I take 1 heaped teaspoon as suggested twice daily  - -  I have a detox skin issue and have been adding 1 tsp to Puriya Mother of All creams plus 7 drops Fulva trace minerals  - - results internally and externally are excellent  - -  Thank you for a great product !

(After asking for permission to use her testimonial, I got this in response as well) 

I am now dissolving the sulfur flakes (as you suggested) on  the skin of my legs - - I use a makeup brush and brush the mixture  on and leave it on for 40 min and then wash it off and put the cream mixture or what is called TruSkin from the Fanie skin products (it is made from kelp and grapefruit extract and potassium sorbate)
April 2016
Z.C. La Jolla, CA


I've been ordering from you for several months now and I just wanted you to know I really appreciate you providing such a great product and customer service! When I had my 6th month check up a couple of weeks ago the nurse told me my oxygen level was 99%! She said she had never seen levels that high! I have also noticed less gray hairs. I love this product! Thank you!
March 2016
K.S.  Melbourne, FL

I have only been taking this product for less than 4 weeks now, I cannot believe what has already happened. I just had blood work done and all my life I have had low good cholesterol, the last time I was tested it was 35, but it has never been higher than 40. This time my test came back and I was at 50!!!! My bad cholesterol dropped from 60 to 50. I have had shoulder and back pain most of my adult life due to very tough working conditions, my shoulder feels tons better. Still waiting to see if it will help my back as well!
Dec 2015
Richard B. Denver, Co

This month I have been taking this Organic Sulfur for an entire year, I was due for a shoulder surgery, but could not actually have it done due to the recovery time that I would need to take off. It used to pop out of the socket hundreds of times a day. Now it might pop out a couple of times a week. I might still be able to get away with not having surgery done.
Dec 2015
John B. Palm Beach, Florida

I am in my 50's, I work in an office sitting at my desk for long hours every day, I was beginning to feel like I was in my 90's. My hands ached all day, I was constantly rubbing them to try to relieve some of the pain, in the morning it was a chore to roll out of bed. Every thing felt all locked up and did not want to work till I was loosened up a bit. When I started taking ReVitalized Drive's Organic Sulfur it was pretty immediate how quickly I felt relief, and I was very skeptical that it was even happening. But as the week went on and each day I felt a bit better and was working my way towards being pain free, I couldn't ignore the fact that the Sulfur was the only new thing that I was doing and it was working!!!
Dec 2015
CC. Orlando, Florida

Due to a shingles outbreak I had severe skin lesions from the rash and lots of hair loss. After only 2 weeks of taking ReVitalized Drive's Organic Sulfur I already saw new hair growth. (I may have been taking a larger dose than I was supposed to from the start) Using it in my skin cream I am already seeing improvement in the texture of my skin as well.
Sept. 2015
S.W California

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