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Wholesale meat, ground meals, herbs and select food products

for you and your 4 foots!

Benefits of Feeding a Species Appropriate Diet:

Improved Teeth, Oral Health & Breath

Improved Digestion

Improved Skin & Coat

Stronger Immune System

Leaner Body Mass

Improvement of Degenerative Diseases & Arthritis

​Smaller Poo with virtually No Odor  

In a nutshell, fewer trips to the vet and a happier, healthier pet

that can live many years longer than the average!

I try to specialize in raw meats and blends that are:

Free Range, Grass Fed, Hormone and Antibiotic Free. 

I am located in Delray Beach, FL.

Pickup available at no additional cost, or

I can deliver for a reasonable fee throughout Palm Beach,

Broward, and Dade counties.
I do offer shipping to locations that are within 2-3 day ground shipping

of Florida via UPS.

Some meat items available:

Grass-Fed Green Tripe

Free-Range Duck Products 

Wild-Caught Fish

Grass-Fed Lamb Organs

Grass-Fed Goat Organs

American-Raised Rabbit

Grass-Fed Beef Products

Some Raw Blends available:

Beef Bonanza - All Grass-Fed Beef and Organs
Duck Divine - Free-Range Duck 
Little Mermaid -
 Organic Chicken and Wild-Caught Fish
Duckalicous - Free-Range Duck & American Rabbit
Goat Rider - (All Grass-Fed) Beef Flank Steak & Goat Organs
Lambtastic - Majority Free-Range Lamb, plus 9 Lamb Organs
Pork Supreme - Pork Sirloin, Pork Heart, Pork Liver and Por
k Kidney

All blends have the following added:

- Organic, Food-Grade DE Powder; great addition to support healthy digestion and cleanse the digestive tract! Composed of 80-90% silica plus other trace minerals. 

- Dried Plum; natural antimicrobial agent against E. coli, Salmonella,                Listeria, and other dangerous microbes.

- Trace Minerals; added to supplement the lack of minerals in the majority of diets in today's world. 

- Probiotic; we add two different types - the first probiotic is a liquid to eliminate naturally-occurring viruses and bacteria. The second probiotic is a powder (with 8 strains) to assist pets in full utilization of the dietary nutrients.

- Digestive enzymes; we add 5 different assistive types!

Please LOG IN to access the pricing list in addition to entering the password (given upon request)!

Blends packaged in

recyclable PET for a


product, leak-resistant

perimeter seal.


Available in:

1/2 lb., 1 lb., 2 lb.

(by request)

For more information, email:

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